• Was just a little too late..

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    Dear Mother-

    I hate that you’ll never be able to read this. Well, maybe you will. I’ve never been too religious, so who knows what’s out there.

    But anyway..

    I will always have to live with the fact that I never got the relationship with you that I always wanted. I will have to live with the fact that I’ll never get the chance to call you and say I want to see you, that I miss you.

    Now, I’ll always miss you..every, single, day…

    All I have to remember you by are a few pictures, some clothes, and a few childhood memories that I’ll always hold close to my heart. I’ll watch over my brothers and sister. I won’t always be able to do what is right with them or myself, but I’m only human, so I’ll do my best.

    I’ll do my absolute best to make you proud..I know in my heart of hearts that I’ll see you again someday, just not in this lifetime.

    I miss you, I love you.

    Tell grandma, grandpa, and my cousin that I miss all of them and love them too.

    I’ll see you all someday. Watch over us and make sure everything stays

    I really do hope you see this…
    I wish we could’ve had a better relationship, I really do.
    I don’t think I tried hard enough, but neither did you. I got your

    I love you.

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