• Lady Class 101 – How to spot a Serial Cheater

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    Hi ladies, I know that we’re all familiar with the Serial Cheaters of the world and it is quite easy to spot one in the crowd when it’s one of our friends who are in their trap. However, when we, ourselves, are the prey, the lines between kind and compassionate and dirty man whore blur tremendously, rendering our Good Man radar useless. To decipher the Serial Cheater’s habits, we have spent many years tracking their behavior.

    Here are a few of the finer points when identifying the Cheating Male.

    • Cell Phone Reception – The Serial Cheater has the worst cell phone reception. This may be a side effect of his ability to alter a lady’s Good Man radar but please pay attention. If you call a man to talk about plans and he yells back at you, “What? I’m sorry, I can’t hear you…” he may have poor reception. If this same man “works” all night and doesn’t answer your phone calls because his workplace has poor reception the odds run higher that you have encountered a Serial Cheater. Even stronger, if the Serial Cheater answers his phone in your presence and says to the caller, “What? I’m sorry, I can’t hear you…” while you can hear clear as a bell the lady on the other end speaking, you definitely have landed a Man Whore.
    • Social Shyness – The Serial Cheater balks at social websites like Facebook. They have no “interest” in telling people what they’ve done all day or who they’ve done it with. If a Serial Cheater is forced into opening an account, you will find minimal information about him with tight security. This is because the Serial Cheater does not want to be “found”. They want to continue their double life without being tracked down by a jilted lover or an ex-girlfriend. Their whole façade will come tumbling down if a wallpost reads, “Hey, babe! Thanks for the wine! Next time, OK?”
    • Wicked Fast Reflexes – To test a man’s reflexes simply and silently approach him while he is on the computer and unsuspecting. If the CTRL-ALT-DELETE buttons are pushed faster than you can focus, you have a problem. If the laptop shuts faster than the door in a slasher film you might need to do a little investigation. As much as a woman might want to believe that he is hiding his viewing pleasure from you because he is engagement ring shopping it is time to face reality.
    • He Thinks You Have Anxiety Issues – Ladies, this is the most telling sign of all. When your Good Man radar begins to work again and you notice that all is not what it seems you will feel the need to approach the Serial Cheater for confirmation. This is the wrong move. A Serial Cheater when faced by a truthful accusation pulls out their finest moves. Like a pinch hitter at the top of the 9th, they are ready to face the crowd. They have spent years strategically planning for this very instance. They will push every button that they have learned and you will walk away feeling wrong. Please keep an ear perked for these catchphrases, “Honey, I know you have anxiety…I just wish it wasn’t about us. You’re really doing some damage to our relationship.” or “Sweetheart, I would never hurt you. How could you think I could ever do something like that?” or even better, “Darling, maybe you should call your doctor and get some anti-anxiety meds. I can’t stand seeing you like this.” If you turn away from this conversation feeling guilty or ashamed you have been played.

    Remember ladies, you can’t change a Serial Cheater because the old adage is true – Once a Cheater, always a Cheater.

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    1. Truth
      August 10, 2010 at 2:41 pm

      What exactly am I supposed to say when my neurotic girlfriend constantly brings up her fears of my leaving her for another woman? Because when I truthfully say, “Sweetheart, I would never do that, how can you say that?” it’s the best I’ve got.

      Here’s a tip: constantly nagging a man about other women, when he’s not sleeping with or even interested IN other women, and having him respond like how I just did, does not mean he’s a serial cheater. It means you are insecure.

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