• Forever Waiting

    by  • August 10, 2010 • Breaking Up, Grief, Letting Go, Lost Love, Love - Pure and Simple, To You • 0 Comments

    Dear Logan,
    Almost three years ago, you told me you couldnt see a future with me anymore. We had been dating six years. Six years. I loved you more than anything in the world. You set the bar high. One that no man has been able to meet…but you broke me. When I said I would love you forever, I meant it.

    It’s sad that I look on websites like this…hoping that I find some letter, some explanation as to why you left. Did you cheat on me? Did you fall in love with someone else? Did I do something? I will never know. You never gave me an answer…and I have been searching for three years.

    I have changed. I am a different person than we were together. I’ve been bruised and broken by others. I don’t know if I will ever have another relationship like we had. One that I felt was so complete, so true…that I needed no one else in my life. Obviously, you felt otherwise. But why? What happened? I saw you days prior and we were ok…did you know it would be the last time we would ever see each other?

    I will be waiting for an answer until the day I die. I forgive you, but I will be waiting for you, an answer, or some kind of closure. I don’t think I can have a normal relationship until I have that.

    I know you want to walk away from me forever. You made it painfully clear. But, I gave us six years. The least you can do is give me an answer. Why am I in love with someone who no longer exists? What happened? What did I do? Everyday I ask myself…

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