• 10 Years

    by  • August 10, 2010 • Abuse, Cheating, Divorce, Lost Love • 1 Comment


    Its hard realizing you wasted 10 years on someone that wasn’t worth it. You got a lot of good years from me, but you didn’t beat me. I win because I am gone now. You aren’t in my life. I cut you out just like I should have years ago. You don’t dictate my life anymore. You never should have in the first place. It may make you sad that you can’t be in my life. I don’t miss you. I have moved on. I don’t miss your verbal or physical abuse. I don’t miss that you fucking other men in my own bed. You play the victim very nicely. I guess you always have. I see it now. I couldn’t see it then. You never had to lift a finger to help around the house. You never had to work. You never had to do anything. You fucked other men. Your justification was that I cheated first. I shared a kiss with her yes but that doesn’t justify what you did 4 years later. You can spit, bite and throw your tantrums with someone else now. I feel sorry for them because I certainly know you are going to make them feel sorry for you and suck them in just like you did me. I know you like to make me out to be a monster and that I ruined you and us, but you know the truth. You can’t live with it. You know deep down youre the monster and you’re the ugly small person. You may have gotten 10 years but I get the next 70 to forget you and build a life I am proud of.

    Glad to be gone,


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    1. Sarah
      August 10, 2010 at 10:57 pm

      I can’t imagine how much strength and courage that must have taken to finally end something that had been going on for so long, that sucked you so deeply in. Good for you. I hope you will find someone more deserving and lead a very happy new life.

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