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    You know… I don’t want to talk to anyone. I don’t want to be with anyone. I don’t want to spend time with anyone… except for you. I’ve never, in the entire time I’ve known you, doubted you to be there for me. Until now. Even before we started dating. You were a good friend, who became a best friend, who became my boyfriend. And for three years you’ve been my boyfriend, best friend, and confidant. I’ve never doubted you. You’ve been there for me through more in these years then some people will be through in a decade. And I’ve been there for you. Without a second thought. Even before I fell in love with you. Because I’ve always, always cared. And I had assumed that you cared too. Until now.

    I’m talking to you right now, while I’m writing this. And all I can think about it that I should probably be telling you these things. But… you’d run as soon as I started. You’re good at that sometimes. Running. You only ever run from me. Which, to be quite honest, I’ve never understood. Me? Of all people? I’ve done nothing but support you in everything you’ve done. You’re such a fucking prick.

    You push me away. You pull me back. I’m so tired of your mixed messages. I’m so tired of chasing after you and getting nothing but a face full of shit for my efforts. I’m tired of hurting and knowing that you don’t feel even a quarter of what I’m feeling.

    I don’t believe in true love. And I don’t believe in love at first sight. And I sure as fuck don’t believe in the concept of “the one”. But I do believe in fitting so perfectly with another person that when you rip those people from each other at least one will lose a significant portion of themselves in the act. And… you know dear, I feel like I’m missing a few limbs. What about you?


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