• you are PATHETIC

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    You think you are such a saint, even though you smoke pot and drink… you think that because you go to church at an evangelical joke of a ministry. not like I care any way. But the way you preach your bullshit to me.. and pretend that you aren’t full of yourself, and using me as a crutch to ween yourself off your pathetic 3 year relationship with that the same girl who I met the first night I started hanging out with you… Oh, wait, you didn’t introduce me… you told me to hide… in your roommates room. Pathetic. You never told the truth and you warped things so that it would seem as if I was the one who was wrong.

    Well I’ve got news for you… every single one of my friends thinks you were a weirdo, too… and not because of your religion but simply from your stature. The way you acted was sketchier and sketchier. The more I hung out with you the more I lost trust in you, the more we drifted apart… but for the best. It only took me 2 weeks to see you for what you really were – a pathetic young boy who doesn’t know the first thing about anything. It took you not even a day to kiss the girl you were seeing behind my back… going on runs…. really? You always spoke to me in ways that made me feel bad about myself. You spoke ill of my friends. You tried to preach your poison bullshit into my ears. I DON’T LIKE YOU! and I’ll be damned that if I ever see you again… I will not even show you the time of day. It’ll be as if you are just another person in the room… because that’s all you are.

    figlio di putana. io sono stanca di te. ma e non ho energica per te

    Have a wonderful life, you piece of scum.

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