• You are insane

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    Dear Big fat lazy useless ex mother in law,

    While I worked 3 jobs and did all the child care and rearing alone for 4 years for my 4 amazing children you let your son abuse all of us emotionally – you knew he was doing it and you supported him and egged him on.

    You made him the f*&**d up person he was then and you loved every second if it.

    When I *finally* got the courage to tell him to get the hell out of my life and fix his issues you offer to take the kids and give us time to settle our affairs for a few days. Then you come while I am at work one night and STEAL my 4 babies from me. You stupid heartless bitch.

    How could you take my children from me. It has been 5 long years – I am anxiety ridden and a complete bitch now because of you because you ripped my heart and soul out when you took my babies. And for what so you could collect some government money for taking care of them – so you could poison their minds and claim I never loved them. My entire being was them (it still is) I lived every moment and did everything I did for those children. I loved them, held them, played with them, comforted them, nursed them and you ripped them from my arms. You deserve to spend eternity in hell. I hate you and everything about you.

    I am so glad your son got his act together and found someone who finally got him to break free from your snare. I am glad they will not ever let you see the kids.

    I cannot wait for the day they are grown and can see what YOU did – how you messed up how you were the cause of all the pain. You deserve to be hated, you deserve to feel pain and sorrow. You deserve no love or respect.

    I hate you. I’ll always hate you. You are insane.


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