• Unfulfilled Love

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    Dear Professor,

    I know it’s inappropriate for me to think so much about you, but I can’t stop. Somehow you’ve touched my heart. I think it’s because I get the feeling you truly understand me, see to the bottom of me, and all this without talking. All I have to do is to look you in the eye and my heart springs to life; I feel my heart pounding, my eyes linked to your eyes and if you wouldn’t have broken the contact every time, I think I never could have.

    But you know what the odd thing is, besides the fact, that you understand me and can look into my soul like noone else, I also know that you want completely different things from life than I do, have completely different views on many subjects than I do. It’s like our hearts are linked and understand each other, but our minds cannot. And therefore we can never be together, because every deeper connection made between us, would only separate us, and leave grief, or maybe even hate. I don’t want that, I rather go on dreaming of a different reality, where we can be together.

    So maybe in another life I will hold you, kiss you, call you my husband….
    until then goodbye my love, goodbye.

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