• It’s been 2 years

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    Umm, I don’t really know where I’m going with this but I’ll start it

    2 years ago, I was in love with you,mind body and soul, I gave you everything I had to give. made you my everything, when in the past I never let anybody in my world. You were the first girl I ever let in, and you fucked me irreparably….I told you relationships was something I couldn’t really deal with, but I made it a point to come see you everyday, and not let any other girl come between us. I guess you really needed labels all along to justify us, or maybe that 4 and a half years of us speaking everyday and hanging out every other day, suddenly became mundane? Whatever it was baby, you shook my whole planet inside out…all it took for you to replace me was a month…so much for you always loving me huh? To be honest, I’m not even mad at you or your “special friend”, I was then, and I cant even lie, whenever I saw you avoiding you was my first option, but then you come and see me hiding and do what you do. Flash those beautiful eyes and crack a smile at me, and then right away my heart sways and falls back to those moments we used to ride in my broken up car for hours, with no destination…where ever you’ve gone, where ever you’re at right now, just know that the years we spent together are still the best years of my life, and everything I may have said and done, I did out of anger and disbelief…I accept that you wont be coming back home to me…I just wanted to say that when I was kicked out of my house, you kept me alive, and you kept me sheltered but most importantly you kept me loved…what I wouldn’t do for it to be 2008 again and just lay with you on your warm bed, and wake up to your lovely embrace…remember how we used to share that single pillow on your queen size mattress? I still do, I miss you more then you’ll ever know…..

    Goodbye my love, goodbye my queen……

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