• Distance is what you make it.

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    Random House Address–

    I know you’ll never see this. But I wanted to say this since you’re never ‘serious’ enough to listen….I really fell for you. I like you a lot and could see this truly going somewhere….that is if you didn’t live in England. I know distance is only a problem if one makes it one…I just wish you felt as strongly about making this happen as I do.

    This summer has been a blast and more than your ‘average fling’.

    Something about you….how you really become such a softy when you’re with me. It’s cute. I like it. I like how you look at me, your smile, your amazing personality…and your amazing way to always make my day. I honestly hope I’m on a plane next month to see you….but that, babes, is up to you.

    Not just the city–Chelsea.

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