• Dear Husband

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    Dear Husband

    I do absolutely still love you.
    You do make me happy.
    You do make me feel sexy and wanted.
    You are a great father.
    You always make me giggle.
    You always brighten my day by saying you love me.

    I am sorry I am often upset or angry.
    I wasn’t like this before.
    Before I was happy and exciting and fun.
    Before I was carefree and lustful.
    Before I enjoyed life and didn’t stress about it.
    I want to enjoy life, I want you to feel my love and respect for you, I want to be carefree and happy.
    I don’t know how. I’m stuck, depressed because I am missing a part of my heart and I won’t be getting it back, I’m sorry you are bearing the brunt of this you don’t deserve it.

    I love you.
    I think it a thousand times a day.
    I never say it
    Afraid you won’t reply and return my love.
    Afraid of losing you.
    Afraid of losing all of you.
    I don’t want to be alone. In my head and heart I am only half. part of my whole is missing.

    I love you.

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