• The Ex

    by  • August 4, 2010 • Betrayal, Grief, Letting Go, Lost Love, The Ex, To You • 2 Comments

    Dear you,

    These past few years have been quite a ride haven’t they? We’ve been through more than any other couple I can think of: distance, exes, family issues, heartbreak. Everything. We promised that we’d be there for each other. We said that we could make it work. Well, we were wrong. You were wrong. You never made me a priority, told me you loved me, or bothered to put in effort into our “relationship.” Our lifetime friendship is over, and now, I await the day that I can finally leave this place so that I won’t have to see you with her, hear that you were hanging out with her,….think that you are with her just like we used to be.

    You lost your one and only true friend and love.

    I’m not going back to you. You’re like a little child, looking for the latest things. You threw me away, and found someone who is bright and shiny. I know fully well, that when you find out your new toy isn’t all that great, you’re going to look up the one that is familiar…the one you left. I’m not going back to you. No Way.

    I wish you luck. I hope I never run into you again, though we both know that isn’t going to happen. Our lives are too intertwined. As I said before, I await the days until I can leave this place.

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    1. boobs butt
      August 5, 2010 at 11:45 am

      Wow, way to cry like a child over a person who you couldn’t force to love you. How dreadfully immature of you to feel anguish over a person who clearly never wanted you in the first place. Here’s a tip for the future: if you like someone a lot and they don’t like you back as much, it’s your responsibility to accept that, not his responsibility to change his feelings for your sake. Maybe next time you don’t get so attached to someone who shows you no signs of wanting to have anything to do with you.

    2. good times
      August 6, 2010 at 8:32 am

      I don’t think this person is lamenting over someone who didn’t love them back. I think that this person is just confused as to why they wasted so much time with a person. It clearly says that they promised each other, but the other one failed to keep said promise. In the end, someone lost a close friend and, again, wasted time.

      Kudos to you! You’ll find someone else that will appreciate you.

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