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    It’s weird how at first I didn’t notice you.. Maybe it was the shirt and tie that made you blend in with everyone else.. Maybe it was that you never really said a whole lot when we first talked.. Or maybe I was distracted and just didn’t see you.. You got promoted, and I was a little surprised because I didn’t know anything about you, but we were suddenly equals. I remembered the first time I joked with you, I was just being silly but your reaction was priceless.. That’s when I noticed you, in your colorful polos and jeans. You made me laugh that day, over something so silly..

    As the days and months have gone by I’ve gotten to know you, you make me laugh more then anyone else I know.. I think I do the same to you, because we are always smiling when we are around each other.. Even if it’s just an email from you or Pepe, you make me laugh all the time. I think you know that too.

    You asked me for my phone number a couple weeks ago, and I’m not going to lie, I smiled the whole weekend. Even though we ended up not doing anything, it still made me smile.

    I love that even when you are having a tough day that I can still make you laugh. And the way you answered the phone the other day “Hey you!” I’m glad the lights were off because everyone would have seen how much you made me blush and smile all at the same time.

    I broke up with my boyfriend, and in a small way it’s because of you, but not in a bad way. You’ve shown me how happy I can be, and how easy it can be to be to talk to someone.. You’ve shown me that things don’t have to be so dramatic or complicated..

    We have so much fun together, but I get that you’re still kind of shy, but your friends tell me that they’ve never seen you as goofy and care free as you have been recently..

    So I asked you out the week before last, and you said yes… You have no idea how long I wanted to do that.. Well, to be honest, I wanted you to do it, but it’s cool, I’m not a patient person. Still! You said yes! I love that I can make you blush as much as you do it to me.

    You had an epic migrane all weekend, and you sounded honestly upset that you had to cancel.. To be honest I wasn’t sure if I believed you or not, because your friend also told me that you don’t go on dates.  So I second guessed you, until I saw you the next day, and you still had the migrane, and sounded so pitiful on the phone. Poor guy, I just wanted to give you a hug. You wore that white polo though and had the scruff going on. Because you know I love that combo?? I like to think so.

    I’m crazy about you!! And I can only hope that you will one day feel the same about me.

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