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    Dear MM,

    I know you hate that I’m dating him. He and I are completely compatible in every way and you hate that. I know the two of you dated in high school, but that was four years ago. Why are you still hanging around his house and going on vacation with his parents? I know that you guys had a past but that’s no reason to shove it in my face when we’re around each other. I know you dated for over a year and he and I aren’t at that long yet (but I can guarantee you we will be and then some). I know you slept together. I also know you were a hideous bitch to him. And yeah, I know you don’t like that term….but if you don’t want to be called a bitch, stop acting like one.

    You broke his heart (I still can’t believe how you did it either), and then you strung him along the entire time you were broken up. Thank God I came along when I did so you couldn’t fuck with his head anymore. You’re so dependent on him and it kills you that he’s moved on from you and is happier without you than he EVER was with you. Seriously. I know this sounds so conceited, but I’m so much better for him than you are. When he’s sick, I take care of him. I know that you just ignored him and went to hang out with his friends (who hate you, by the way). Who does that? I know you ignored him for months while you were away at college and he was still in high school. If you really loved him, you wouldn’t have done that. I know you guys never slept together until you were broken up and I know it was awful and he didn’t enjoy it at all. I know your parents think your behavior is unacceptable but you continue to show up at his house unannounced. I know you went on vacation with him and met his family…and I also know his family didn’t like you nearly as much as you think they did. And I know you’re close with his mom, but I also know she chooses my side over yours now (I’m the reason she told you to call before you come over now because I convinced her your behavior was inappropriate as well).

    He will never, ever get back together with you. You had your chance to be with this amazing, perfect guy and you threw it all away because you’re selfish and childish. You have the most annoying laugh on the planet and you are horrible at telling stories. I sincerely hope I never have to encounter you ever again at his house. There’s a reason we’re never there when you are: neither of us like you, nor do we enjoy your company. How about you go make your own friends instead of hanging around where you’re not wanted? Just an idea.

    Anyway, I’m not threatened by you and I don’t want you to go away because I’m worried he’ll leave me one day to get back together with you. No. Instead I feel sorry from you because I think you look completely pathetic by hanging around his house when he doesn’t want you there. Stop it. Believe me. He REALLY doesn’t want you there.

    Like I said, go make your own friends and stop trying to interfere in my relationship. You aren’t going to pull us apart, no matter how hard you try.


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