• Dear Abigail

    by  • August 4, 2010 • Frustration, Hatred, Knock it Off, To You • 0 Comments

    You -truly are- an unholy cunt. I’d tell you this to your face, but we share a community. It would be ugly and disgraceful. Anyway, while I’m sure you’re just a sweetheart, you’re mostly a poseur. I haven’t used that word since middle school. I hate that word. But there’s just no other way to describe you. Your pink hair and doll clothes are just covering up the fact that you think you’re fucking hideous. So insecure. All you give a damn about are boys. Boys and clothes. And you’re terrible at boys. You love to be the victim. You love to talk about how you love to be the victim. God, if you spent as much time thinking about your “intellectual pursuits” as you did thinking about how you were dumped, you might actually be able to keep a boy around.

    If I were a boy, I’d use you for one thing, and then that would be that.

    I swear to god, I hate the way you talk about HP Lovecraft just as much as he does. But jesus christ. The best thing I’ve ever done for myself was shut the fuck up.

    But fuck that, for once.

    And fuck you, you unholy cunt.

    You bring the sand from the depths of our ocean to just underneath the waves.

    And fuck your silly little friend who also doesn’t fucking get it.

    You’re both better off pursuing prostitution.

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