• To My Lover (So Missplaced)

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    To my lover, the one that showed me a light. I was alone in a darkness that enveloped my life and you plucked me out of the stillness that it was, and showed me that there was something more to love.

    To my lover, the one I spent hours with everyday. The one I shared fevered kisses with at work, in a lonely hallway so that no one could find out our misdeeds.

    To my lover, who I so affectionately call the love of my life. I simply ask the question why? Why did you leave me in the tangled mess of a web that you so tenderly wove. Why was it another woman’s bed that called you like a siren waiting for your slick embrace.

    To my lover, who has been misplaced by the world and all of its obscenities. The one that I miss so much and think of all the time. When we kissed it felt like the stars themselves were landing upon my lips, grazing and touching bringing tingles upon my flesh.

    To my lover, the one I wish never to see again. The days were long and the nights were harder, feeling the emptiness in my bed that you had so unjustly put there.

    I wish the worst for you, oh gentle whisperer. Though I cannot say that a river that flows so nicely throughout the path of life, can reflect what I wish for you. I still wish the worst.

    And the days that I see you, working so strongly in front of me, I hide my tears and put on a brave face. That way you can never know how much you’ve truely hurt me friend.

    Oh my lover, my dreamer, my hatred grows for you more and more each day. Though I know that karma will be the only mistress that will see you through the end.

    Your truly, forever.

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    1. karma
      November 29, 2013 at 4:24 am

      I sure hope karma got this man. I enjoyed your letter bc I am going thru it right now. All these same feelings. And he seems to think I will want him back… taking my love for weakness and lack of self respect. 🙁



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