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    I am writing this in hopes that somehow you will find it and know it’s for you. Here’s a clue if you do, the night of your fraternity alumni banquet was the night I fell in love with you.

    We’ve only been broken up for 2 months, but I miss you more than I could ever describe in words. I know we had our ups and downs, but what couple doesn’t? None of our fights were that serious, and we were both faithful to one another.

    I know you still love me, and I am certain we can make this work. You awaken my soul and truly make me want to be a better woman. I’ve never felt more alive than when I’m with you, and I’ve lost that spark since you’ve left me.

    This is my final plea, remember how it feels to be in my arms, remember how it feels to love me. We could be the greatest story ever told, but you have to meet me half-way. Are you willing to at least do that? If we can promise to do that, we have a fighting chance. I’m not ready to give up on you, yet. You’re my best friend, and the greatest man I’ve ever loved. Please say yes.

    Always yours,
    “Beeker face” meep meep meep.

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