• Get out

    by  • July 27, 2010 • Family Stuff, Frustration, Goodbye • 0 Comments

    Why do you insist on starting a fight all the time? Why do you plan on how to make my day a living hell? Why is it that I am not good enough working and going to school full time, as well as looking after my boyfriend and our son.

    I’m 19, do you remember when you were that age? There is nothing fun about it and you just keep making it worse.

    I’M GOING CRAZY WITH YOU INSIDE MY HEAD! leave me alone, can’t you see that nothing you do is good for me?

    We’re leaving, this stupid house. This painful life. I’m gone and when you decide that you finally miss your grandson it will be too late because I hate this state almost as much as you’ve made me hate YOU.

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