• Struggling

    by  • July 9, 2010 • Confusion, Friends, Interested?, Love - Pure and Simple • 1 Comment

    doesn’t it kinda default the purpose of this site for me to just copy, paste, and send links of posts i made about you? I get about half way there and stop myself. We both don’t want to change our situations, to change our situations, but at the same time i feel this need to express what is going on in express what is going on in my head. I’d think it would ruin a friendship to get this off my chest. It would be hard to look you in the eyes without it meaning something else. Maybe it would be hard for you too. Sometimes i think you might enjoy how much this tortures me. Do you toy with me? Do you even know what you want from me and would it ever be more than friends? If we were ever alone again, would you turn me away if tried? you have haunted me since the first day met you. What’s it been now? 11 years? Every time i saw you, you made my heart skip a beat. Even if i only saw you once every few years or so. How can i still harbor this infatuation? So maybe i’ll sit down someday soon and actually write a letter i WILL send so i can keep this website accurate… 🙂

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    1. Kristi
      July 9, 2010 at 12:11 pm

      Baby, it tortures me too. I think about you every day. I would never turn you away, and I definitely want to be more than friends.



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