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    To the girl who broke his heart,

    I hate you so much for what you did to him, and to our friendship. While you sucked him into your world for 2 months I was left without him, only seeing him in between class and in the halls. Always with you. I tried to get to know you, and accept you as part of his life, and thus part of mine. But you wouldn’t let me in. And he trusted you. So I left him go, to be happy. How wrong I was. You cheated on him, and with another one of my friends! I found out, confronted you, and you seemed happy! Happy that you had a new toy. You asked me not to tell him. How could I not?  But I was stupid and didn’t tell him. Hoping I wouldn’t have to break his heart for you. Eventually he sought me out to complain about your distance. I wanted to cry when he asked me if I knew anything. I broke and told him. I broke his heart for you, while you trotted around with Jay. I wish you could have seen what you did to him, and regretted it. I loved him so much but let him go, so he could love you. You not only ruined him from ever trusting women again. But you ruined us. You ruined my friendships! The people I cared about! For some sick game of yours. I hate you. Why couldn’t you leave him alone? I hope this happens to one of your friends.

    -The Friend

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