• Pull It Together!

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    Ok so I have tried to be patient with your complete lack of protecting me from getting sick and injured, but my patience is like the last few pieces of sand being pulled down through the hole in an hourglass. I mean it is honestly getting ridiculous how much you suck at your one job. Could you please get your act together and help me be healthy for once in my life. I listened to you telling me to slow down, but I still feel like I m getting punished and ignored.

    Let me list the things you have fallen asleep on the job or taken a vacation for…

    1. 2 stress fractures in my back that I have to wear a hard brace every second of the day that is sweaty and hurts my ribs and chafes.
    2. A month full of 4 consecutive sicknesses
    3. A 6 month sinus infection
    4. Being tired after getting 8 hours or more sleep every night when everyone else seems more awake after 6.
    5. overall body pain even when I have not done real exercize in over 2 months
    6. horrible allergies and itchy eyes
    7. always feeling like I have a bunch of sinus pressure
    8. very few years without depression
    9. headaches all the time
    10. random pains that come and go

    100. too many things to count

    I would appreciate if you did something productive and made me feel better. Vacation is over! Now get back to work!

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