• Self-Destruction…

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    Dear J,

    We have been friends since we were literally in diapers. However I have to be honest. I screen my phone calls, and I dread answering YOURS.

    I have watched you since high school – sleeping around with everyone (and everyone talked about it behind your back). You got pregnant, lost your baby – then immediatly got preggo again. No one, NO ONE believes you didn’t intentionally get preggo the second time.

    We all thought that maybe your self esteem was super low and you needing someone to love you unconditionally (I guess you didn’t see that WE all did). Your family seems to be intact and wonderful – we couldn’t figure out any other reasons for your behavior.

    As each of us got married after graduation – you attended and participated in our weddings. In my wedding album – you stand beside me as my maid of honor. With the tightest, most painful and JEALOUS smile. Why couldnt you be happy for me on my special day? Because you thought it should be you. You finally admitted this to me after numerous people said something. You felt that you had the baby first so you should have been married first. I was shocked as it really seemed you CHOSE to have the baby before marriage.

    Then it was one story after another. You would date all of my ex boyfriends (did you not realize there was a good reason for them being   X’s???) and then come up with these wild stories about them.

    You told me you slept with brandon for 6 hours and had a giant smile on your face. Bragging to me in church. However you turned around the next week and claimed you were RAPED for hours….which was it???

    The next guy you dated you also supposedly were raped by. And then the next and so on.

    You know that I in fact, was raped so why did you belittle my experience with your FAKE stories?

    Finally, after having another baby with another man who felt trapped (and likely was), you found a guy to marry.

    I stood in your wedding – only because I felt like I had to since you did mine. I really did want you to be happy but I knew you wouldn’t be because you had settled. There was NOTHING about this man that fits you. NOTHING.

    Sure enough – you called me several weeks in to tell me that, *gasp* “He has an eating problem and I can’t stand it.” The man is 350lbs….NO SHIT he has an eating disorder!

    Now we are in the drama of divorce, and while I do still love you as my friend, I simply cannot handle the drama anymore. I hate talking to you. I have so much going on in my own life that I just dont have the time, stamina etc needed to listen to your constant “poor me’s”

    So please, next time you are raped, lied to, find out your spouse has an eating disorder etc., please….call someone else. Someone who has the time patience etc to handle it. In fact, CALL A THERAPIST.

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