• I deserve better

    by  • June 22, 2010 • Breaking Up, Cheating, Lost Love, The Ex • 0 Comments

    I always did you right. Gave it to you good every night you wanted it. I took care of your kids and went through the pregnancy alone and even though I wished that you were there with me to see your kids born I never said anything. And I never fussed when you came home and said I’m going out. I gave you a hug and kiss and let you go. It hurt though to hear them tell me about all the girls that you was with. I didn’t give you drama when you didn’t come home some nights or when you came home 4 am. I let it go. But I’m done now because I deserve better than that and your kids don’t deserve that. They deserve a real dad. And I’m done with all your drama. I’m leaving cause though I love you, it’s not worth it. Baby don’t forget when you start to miss me you put it on yourself. Have fun with Keysha and Jacklyn and every other girl you fuck. Cause I’m gone and I’m taking the kids.

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