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    I was 14 you were 18 and your father is a cop. You were the only guy I had any bit of interest in. You opened my eyes to what love really was. I can’t count the number of night we spent tangled in each others arms on the couch. It was almost like a dream. Every min.

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    I hate you so much

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    I can’t believe I stuck around as long as I did. I can’t believe I trusted you. I can’t believe that I’m even still here. You make me hate myself so much and make me hate you so much to the point where I can’t wait to get the fuck out of here. You were never really here

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    Dear God

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    I have doubted your existence for quite some time but I do believe in prayer and I try to practice positive thoughts. I’ve needed to pray a lot as late with the possibility that my love might be very ill. With that, I feel the need to thank You.  Whatever, whomever you are…if you answered

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    Time is the Best Healer

    by  • June 21, 2010 • Forgiveness, Friends, To You • 0 Comments

    We used to be really close, or at least I thought we were. I mean we talked to each other all the time and hung out constantly. I am not sure what exactly changed because all of a sudden you stopped putting as much effort into the relationship. I loved you with words, gifts, time, acts of service, and

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