• A Conversation Never Had

    by  • June 20, 2010 • Frustration, Grief, Parents • 0 Comments

    How do you stand there with that mask on? You only come around when you are going to look good. You have absolutely no interest in me except when it rewards you in some way. Why can’t you just be there because it is important to me or just be there because you can and don’t have to be. There has never been a time that you will be there because it is for someone else. The only time you choose to talk to me is when some one that you want to impress is around, otherwise I just get left by the wayside. There have been numerous times when you have been around and choose to ignore me. How can you pretend to be this nice guy, when really what is underneath is this evil man who plays mind games with people. This absolutely drives me crazy! You are the most selfish person in the world. You have no interest in me. When was the last time you asked what I wanted? Or how I felt? You never have and when I actually voice it, you dismiss it or say it doesn’t work into the schedule. Screw your schedule! I am suppose to be an important part of your life and you are too worried about your own life to even give a thought to what I want or what I feel. Does it ever cross your mind that you are suppose to be the adult? You still act as though you are a child. Young kids are selfish and don’t care about anyone else. Is this how you want to be perceived? It must be because that is the way you act. I have nothing to do with you because of this.

    You are too worried about your new family. You go to every single game of theirs but when was the last time you came to something for me. Yes, you did come to my graduation, but I didn’t want you there. Several months before you sent me a letter telling me that you basically have nothing to do with me unless I fix our relationship. Are you kidding me? This relationship isn’t broken because of me, its broken because when I was younger you wouldn’t let me be a kid but instead I had to come see you when I wanted to go to a friends birthday party. Do you know how it made me feel when I missed those? I felt so left out. I had to go see my dad while the rest of the kids in my class got to go have fun with each other and then I got to hear about it at school on Monday. When you are around the age of 10 this literally feels like the end of the world. When I got older and got my permit did you ever take me to go driving. No, you didn’t you were too busy with other things. Where you there for any birthday? No, you never threw me a birthday party, or half of the time never even gave me a present, or even called to wish me happy birthday. You did point out that I never did it to you, but aren’t you the parent, and aren’t you suppose to set the example for your kids. So this must be why I never did it to you. Why thanks for being such a great example!

    I am now graduated and hope to never speak to you ever again.

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