• Priorities

    by  • June 19, 2010 • Buck up!, Dating, Sex • 0 Comments

    You text me. You IM me. You tell me how much I turn you on. You say that you so enjoy talking to me. During our first conversation, you said you hadn’t been so turned on in a long time. You came up with a hot role play situation, and we haven’t even met yet. Every conversation we have intensifies the suspense. You said that I was on your brain hardcore, and you were so in the mood.

    So when it comes down to actually meeting and doing all the sexy things we’ve been talking about for a month, you say you’ve had a long week and can’t stay awake.

    What the hell is wrong with your brain? You can’t stay awake for sex?! With a cute girl who likes it the same ways you do?!?! Whose only relationship requirement is regular pleasing for both? For God’s sake, get your priorities in order!

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