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    Dear friend, You’re my best friend but lately you’ve been acting like you’re back in high school. Every time I’m with you, you’re texting and you pick up the phone when people call but if i need to talk to you, you are abiding by your friends wishes and give them all your attention. Your boyfriend called at 1 in the

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    After 4 years we finally had sex for the first time. I mean it’s not like either of us were virgins. But if I would have known you would walk away after we spent the night tangled in the sheets. I would have never gave you any satisfaction that night. One thing I want to know… the past 4

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    I guess my math is wrong

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    4 years of fighting to be together. 4 years of an age difference between us. 2 years of your father forbidding you to see me, which meant 2 years of us sneaking around. 2 years since you have started college 3 hours away. 8 breaks that we have tried to spend as much as we could together. Now you’re

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    Sorry isn’t enough

    by  • June 18, 2010 • Betrayal, Cheating, Lost Love, To You • 0 Comments

    I see the words in front of me. I see each and every letter sent to each and every woman. I wonder where I was in all that mess. Did you even consider my feelings? Did you even consider our relationship? You send me an email telling me, you love me and can’t wait to begin a life with

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