• Bitch Bootcamp: Week NINE

    by  • June 16, 2010 • The Bitch • 0 Comments

    Practice what you preach

    Well my little bootcamp all-stars, I bet you wonder if The BITCH practices what she preaches. Well, guess what – I do.

    I had an incident this week… one of those work moments that defines your place in your space. I had the joy of overhearing a conversation that was not only somewhat inappropriate, but was about ME. Some people just don’t realize how well their voices carry… and I handled it, without regret.

    So, on that note, here are some pointers on how to handle those situations with poise… and without hiding under your desk.

    1. Count to 10 before addressing the offender. Again and again, if needed. The flames need to quit coming out of your ears BEFORE you talk to the person.
    2. Be polite but DIRECT. There is no room for snarky remarks – this is about standing your ground and letting the person know they can’t talk bad about you and get away with it.
    3. Be specific. Direct your comments toward something they specifically said. This isn’t about hearsay – it’s about dealing with exactly what this particular person said or did.
    4. 4. Clearly state your objective. There is a reason you  are frustrated/hurt/annoyed/pissed. Part of the reason #1 is so important is because it also gives you time to collect your thoughts.
    5. Don’t be THAT person. In the process of confronting the offender, don’t become THEM. The point of the conversation is to stand up for yourself, not to act like the person you are confronting. Rise above the situation… address the issue head-on and then move on.

    Ladies, we all have situations, big and small, that confront us everyday. To live life to the fullest, bring your best YOU to the table. Be honest with yourself and with others. Those that can’t keep up will fade into the background, and what you will be left with is a quality group of people that love and support you for who you are!

    Best BITCHING wishes for a successful week!

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