• Wow. Your words amaze me.

    by  • June 15, 2010 • To You • 0 Comments

    I was actually brought to a physical halt when I read your post.

    If you take me seriously about anything I say you are going to be pissed off at me 100% of  the time.

    If, instead, you look at my character and my history you would realize that my words are harmless and playful.

    Yours, however, were hurtful and really inappropriate considering what I am facing right now.

    I could defend myself directly to you, and therefore create more discomfort and possible strife in your marriage, for obviously what you heard was not as it was intended…and you NEVER heard what was your spouse said in response (which, by the by, would completely incense you to your core).

    Let’s agree to disagree.  You live a different life than I.  You make different choices.  You see things differently.  Bottom line…WE are different.

    Neither of us is right or wrong.

    Let’s move on, shall we?

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