• Why does it still hurt so much…

    by  • June 14, 2010 • Betrayal, Breaking Up, Lost Love • 0 Comments

    I hate you, you cheated on me, you took my love and threw it away. You do not deserve to be loved by anyone until you learn to respect that love back! Why are you such a selfish, greedy, spoilt boy. You lied to me, made me think you loved me, more than I love you, as you always told me, and then you go and break my heart into pieces the very day we met two years ago. I wish I could have dies with our love that day, so I wouldn’t be hurting this much. I want to stop crying, feeling, but I can’t. You made me lose all hope I had in love. Now you are parading around with girls you don’t ever care about, WHEN WILL YOU LEARN PEOPLE HAVE FEELINGS. NOT EVERYONE IS LIKE YOU. I hope you fall in love and she breaks your heart like you did to mine. The universe is perfect, love will get back at you. The worst part is that I don’t even like you anymore, I won’t go back to you, so never try it again, I’m not that foolish. But you still hurt me and I hate that you did. I didn’t deserve it, you do. I want to be strong, it’s difficult when I see you EVERY DAY. I wish I could go away sooner, I’m going to Finland for a year, if you haven’t learnt it yet. I have goals to accomplish, don’t get in the way. When I come back you are still going to be the same unsuccessful painter I left behind, prove me wrong at best. You don’t deserve my tears, but they are still here. So leave me alone, don’t show your girls off when I’m around, and don’t compliment me on anything, you don’t get to do that. I just want you to fail in so may levels that I think I’m turning evil.

    I don’t want to feel like dying so let me be, and erase yourself from my life.

    Thank you.

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