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    today is the day i realized the reason i left you is so you can not hurt me and my kids anymore…i tried and tried and i tried to give u another chance…i worked with it…till you had to go and cheat on me after we said we were ok she was my friend and she was even pretty he wasn’t even fit for ugly jus fucking sad now you have no family….no me, no son, no daughter…just your lost broken self…just know that it isn’t easy to be a mom on my own and take care of the kids life-wise and money-wise and i hate you for hurting me and ending us….i never wanted to leave you i never wanted us to end….i wanted us to be better to be ok….but you did it you just had to do it….and now you don’t even care…and neither did i….and being alone with the kids – it’s hard and got me thinking i made a mistake and but what i did was right….the move i needed to make and it wasn’t easy….it hurt….and most of all it took a chunk out of my life…you should know how much you meant to us…the good part of you don’t even fucking know who you are anymore….and frankly i don’t give a fuck….cuz ima hold my kids and ima keep walking….this is what god handed me and i’m taking it….i hope that you fucking rot in hell for what u have done to ur children i hope u die painfully but slowly….cuz u have hurt so many and still continue most of all you killed my spirit….i was such a happy person i thought i had it all comes to find out i didnt have anything with you and now im ok….

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