• final to scott

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    my dearest scott,

    Well here it is – I am now home from the hospital after 2 1/2 weeks. What do I say now I have not said to you already? But I will try one more time, even though I know you’re out of my life. Where did I go wrong? What happened to make you change your mind on me? Why won’t you just talk to me? Don’t you know every time you see me you will see the questions in my eyes? Do you even care? Have you ever cared? I stop now and realize maybe you were never there. We were not on the same page as far as we go. I wanted more – you only wanted once and a while. Maybe you didn’t see between the lines. Then you figured out how much how I really did care. Did it scare you away? Did what I did hurt you more than it hurt me? I would do anything to get you to understand I only want the best for you. And since you have decided that’s not me, I am left here with only the memories. I won’t lie – I would like more. I know I have tried and done my best. I have questions you won’t answer and a heart that you have decided to hurt. I thought you were starting to help my heart mend. I don’t know what turned your heart so cold. But to you I say now and for as long as I will live , I cared for you and wanted you to just try to give me the same. Good luck and I wish you well in finding happiness, but I wish it was me. Again thanks for the memories.

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