• Bitch Bootcamp: Week EIGHT

    by  • June 10, 2010 • The Bitch • 0 Comments

    Well, it’s Thursday. A little late this week… but even with that extra time, I only had one BITCH complete last week’s assignment. Or maybe it’s just that the rest of you were too chicken to post yours?

    Here is something to ponder for the rest of this week. We’ve been
    learning how to be a BITCH – let’s define what a BITCH doesn’t

    • Doesn’t backstab her coworkers… and doesn’t listen quietly when others do.
    • Doesn’t back out on her word.
    • Doesn’t disrespect their mother.
    • Doesn’t look back and think “what if”.
    • Doesn’t fuck over another BITCH by fucking their husband. Or wife. Or boyfriend. Or girlfriend.
    • Doesn’t make an ass of herself in front of her boss.
    • Doesn’t discount her importance.
    • Doesn’t ignore that little twinge that tells her something is just a little “off”.
    • Doesn’t lie. Or cheat . Or steal.
    • Doesn’t think eating a third cookie is a bad thing.

    But most importantly, a BITCH doesn’t roll over and let anyone walk all over her. When you are willing to stand up for yourself, do what is right and hold others accountable for their actions, good things will follow.


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