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    I’ve only ever showed love to anyone and all I ever get is a “you didn’t do good enough” or an “You don’t know me” well its time for me to say it…I’ve never been good enough I know and I know you more than you will ever know. She only ever treats you like crap and then you complain but say you love her? Can’t you see I’m the one whose ever been there for you, I’m the one that has been able to tell you how you should handle it…you still call me just a friend but before the breakup before HER…don’t you remember us? I guess you wouldnt. I’m just the one you had for a while..I’m a holder, you come back to me when ever you need some time to find a different girl to go to. Well I’m through with it, I’ll go to him, the one who doesn’t treat me like crap, and don’t try to call after me. I’m leaving you in the dust. Your shining Star. Now go smoke a joint Storm.

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