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    It’s hard for me to sit here and not think about you. I truly Love you and i don’t think you truly know the true extent. I have said it to you time and time again, but you know me to be a Woman after God’s own Heart, so you automatically think that when i say i love you , that i am expressing God’s Love. But man it is far greater than you can ever imagine. I have played the game of trying to avoid you, and even blocking you out for a short period of time, and just when i think i can move on something just keeps leading me back to endless thoughts of you. And not in a physical form, i think past the physical because if that’s all it’s about , i am wasting my thoughts. My heart is torn, i sit and type and wonder if you know would that make a big difference. Should i pick up the phone an just call you and when you answer just openly say —– I ——-, Love you and i am in Love with you , i want to be the one to complete you. But the catch is i can’t take you not feeling the same, so as i sit in silence IF HE ONLY KNOW I TRULY LOVE HIM….

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