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    You call me a friend, your best friend at that. Yet friends don’t do what we have been doing. Either you have deeper feelings for me or you have no feelings or respect for me at all. Over and over again, you have made me feel like your whore, like I mean nothing more to you than that. Yet when I get tired of the yo-yo game you are playing between me and the “love of your life” and begin to walk away, you always manage to pull me back close to you. What do I really mean to you? If you “love” me as your friend, why do I feel so disrespected and used by you? And I can’t even begin to imagine how your girl feels. She has every right in this world to be scared to be with you, and she really has no idea what has been going on for months. I have been trying to give you the benefit of the doubt, “you really are a good guy”, “it’s just a bad situation”, “you really do care about me.” It’s getting old, my situation is not better than yours, yet I have been a friend to you all along, never asking for anything more from you. Yet you only want to be my friend when things in your love life get rough, you’ve even lied to me multiple times, and for what?? Yes, I enjoy it too, yes I have had some feelings for you, yet I have never let anything get in the way of being your friend through all of this. Now it is time for you to come clean, how do you sleep at night? Are you proud of yourself, has this all been an ego trip to make yourself feel like “the man” while you play games with the two girls closest to you in life? I think it is time for you to decide if she is worth the risk. Stop hanging on to me as security to be there when things fall apart once more. I care about you, and I will make the effort to be your friend, but I will not be your rebound. I’m better than that. And this friendship will no longer be this one-sided. I have went out of my way for you AS A TRUE FRIEND and where have you been when I needed you? I opened my home to you and your friends even. Now it is time for you to make your choice, are you going to be my true friend, or will I forever just be that girl?

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