• My head!

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    Dear school mates-

    Do you think that just this once, you could stop with the tapping on
    the desks, the popping of the gum, and the whispering to your friends?
    My head hurts, and I think that if I hear one more girly giggle, I am
    going to bring out the duct tape.

    Dear teachers-

    My hand has been raised for 15 minutes now, and still your eyes pass
    over me. I am NOT insisible, and I KNOw you can see me! To my fourth
    period teacher, F-OFF! I am TRYING to get my work done correctly, and
    everytime I am actually PROUD of it, I find out that something ELSE is
    wrong with it and I have to redo it. It has gotten to the point where
    I am disgusted by the look of my powerpoint.

    Dear Best Friend,

    NO… I do NOT want to get up from my comfy seat on the ground to
    walk with you to get YOUR chips, or skittles, or soda, or coffee that
    I KNOW you won’t share with me. Sharing is caring dude…

    Dear Mom,

    I love you… don’t change. You are the only constant thing in my
    day, and you make me so happy with the kind things that you say to me
    to lift my spirits. I want you to know how muuch I appreciate you, and
    how much I love you.

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