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    What’s up with all these season and series finales? Do the writers delight in making me cry? I’m not a crier. I cry maybe once a year and usually only at funerals. But I’ve got to tell you, the end of “LOST” had me sobbing, the end of “GREY’S” had me nearly hysterical and then, to top it all off, I even had tears for “24”. What is wrong with you people? I watch TV to avoid these types of feelings. I don’t want to cry when I watch TV. I want to escape and smile and laugh and be captivated by fantasy and creativity. What’s wrong with Jack and Kate just getting off the island and have lots of babies? Or Grey’s interns getting wounded, but not killed. Or 24 just coming up with a new terrorist plot for next season? C’mon, I count on you TV writers to keep me happy, not cause me to go to bed with red eyes and a stuffy nose. Get back to work. I expect better next season!

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