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    I’m tired, frastrated and confused and more all at once. Don’t know
    what to do or/and which way to turn. Today was hard, like being lefted
    in a storm and can’t see what’s in front of you. I know i have
    everything i need, but something is missing. People need my help,  i
    feel helpless. I want to help but i don’t know how to. I want to love
    her but i’m not sure that we can be one. If we can’t, help her find
    that special someone.

    I have another friend, who’s in an abusive situation. She stuck, and
    don’t have anywhere to go. And have no friends and family who she can
    turn to. Give her the strength and courage to get on her own two, to
    provide for hers. She’s older and sick my heart goes out to her and her family.

    Now Lord, you know my heart, mind,and soul. Fulfill what needs to be.
    change what needs to be. Clear what needs to be. I need you like the
    first day i met you.

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