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    married life

    by  • May 17, 2010 • Frustration, Marriage • 0 Comments

    I hate this!!! What the fuck am I to you then? I’m just a guy that brings a paycheck? and then maybe cleans the house… watches the kids… sometimes on rare days just a fuck buddy? I’m fucking human too you know! I need some attention just like anyone else. I need some tenderness, reassurances… Sometimes I wonder why

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    so lost

    by  • May 17, 2010 • Grief, Loneliness • 0 Comments

    i lay down on my bed, staring at a computer until the early morning. Secretly, i wish it were you. I’m attracted to an asshole that understands me better than anyone else. Not one birthday spent together, not one new year, no gifts. & i’m tired of being the only one trying. Everything is hurting me right now, and

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