• i enjoyed our teaching sesh

    by  • May 13, 2010 • Sex • 0 Comments

    Wow i can’t believe i just did that! I have liked you for a while and
    kinda thought if i were going to you would be one of the ones i would.
    I have always thought the concept was gross actually. I mean I am
    picky, really picky about what i put in my mouth. But i did it and i
    loved that look on your face. You are lucky you were first it really
    is an honor its not “the big first” but its a pretty big first and i
    held off til i was 19 and my freshmen year was a day from being over.
    And I got a strange satisfaction from the control i wielded looking up
    at you. So even though i cant believe i just did that i’m glad you got
    to be the first aren’t you lol. I WILL MOST DEFINITELY LET YOU TEACH

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