• What Age Does To You…

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    No one informed me that people suddenly become completely different when they get older. For some, they were a mess and get their life together as they age. However, there are some that digress and become mean people with age. My grandma follows the second pattern.

    I am not quite sure how my grandpa puts up with her honestly as she hits him on the head with the newspaper and can’t do anything for herself. I drew the line when you threatened to beat me over the head with your cane because you thought I was arguing with my sister. Truth is, you were just being paranoid. Oh and there is the fact that you disapprove of me going to a private school for one year because I should be spending my money on college. How can you say that to me  when you sent all your kids to private school for multiple years? If  you tried to hit me with your cane I would just take one step back and you would miss. I dare you to try and hurt me. You will probably end up hurting yourself and breaking your hip for the third time.

    I really don’t appreciate you singling me out and picking on me just because I won’t suck up to you like the rest of the family, walking around you on tip toes. I am going to speak the truth if you ask and be honest. I really wish that you would just treat me like the rest of the family members rather than “othering” me.

    I know that you are bipolar, but seriously you need to overcome that and live your life for once. It is no life staying up into the late hours of the night and then getting up in the afternoon. It is all mental, and you just need to force yourself to do things.

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