• I never loved you to begin with.

    by  • April 28, 2010 • Breaking Up, The Ex • 0 Comments

    You need to understand that i cant spend the rest of my life with you, Yes i told you i love you but really i dont, love was only there when we made it but was never there when we started dating. I wana let you go, i want you to understand that us could not be together forever. I love someone else, sorry to tell you this but i love someone else, I told you so many times i was talking to someone else but you insisted, you love me, i told you if you cant be faithful to me please just move on. I’ve already moved on, thats just the thing you dont know. I miss you and love you cause of pleasure but that was just it. I sacrificed a lot for you but what have you got to sacrifice for me..Nothing!.. I never loved you to begin with. I lied all those times i told you i love you, i felt nothing, when i said it to you. So please find someone else who would love you.

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