• Conjunction Junction, how’s your Dysfunction?

    by  • April 27, 2010 • Positive Vibes, To Everybody • 0 Comments

    I can’t watch Law & Order anymore. From its graphic depiction of grisly brutality, to its exceedingly cynical writing, I can no longer permit this show into my consciousness, to affect my world view. This is similar to the decision I made a few years ago to quit watching the news. There is simply very little redeeming value to the nightly parade of human misery presented by any news program. Law & Order is even more egregious in that now we have hours of fictional misery to watch. So that’s it. I have been watching it for 20 years and I just can’t do it any more.

    In fact, when flipping the channels in either direction away from the ones that show Law & Order, I don’t see much redeeming value in most of it. Goofy reality shows full of the interpersonal conflicts of preening narcissists, fighting muscle-men, endless crime dramas, all 7000 miles of the Jersey Shore, and I could go on but you get the point. Those images stick in our brains and affect our thoughts and actions. Even when you don’t “feel” as if you have been affected by this mental pollution, rest assured that you are. My initial reaction after watching a particularly disturbing scene was “this is going to give me nightmares”. I’m not a wimpy guy, not afraid of the dark, but I do respect the darkness that is inside myself. Why would I want to feed it?

    I am convinced that our thoughts do affect the world around us in a tangible way, whether by affecting our physical actions, or simply on a quantum level (stay with me here). Our consciousness extends beyond the realm of our physical bodies. Pure and simple. The realm of thought is infinitely huge, conduit to other dimensions of which this world is a part, and to unimaginable states of being. Yet we devalue our own thoughts, we deny their power, we restrain our own ability to move freely within this deep and fascinating world.

    There is more to life than reveling in interpersonal conflict, talking trash about other people, and just plain hating. The majority of our collective behavior is focused on the continual accumulation of material wealth, driven by the relentless primacy of the ego. And it’s all wrapped in a sickening aesthetic encrusted with Swarovski crystals and fitted with oversize chrome-plated rims. I imagine it all driven inside a giant Hummer, only instead of carbon monoxide it billows out clouds of toxic mental pollution. I don’t want to be polluted. My heart cries out for peace, within and without. When a negative thought crops up I accept it and then accept myself for what I am. I want to spread love and compassion, both through my expanding consciousness and through my words and deeds. It’s freakin hard!

    So during the day, if the crap of daily life begins to bring you down, clear your mind and just breathe for a few minutes. Try to take hate and turn it into love. Project compassion, even to those who don’t deserve it. Please, let’s evolve together.

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