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    I love you.

    You know that? Everyday that I breathe I think about you. Lately I’ve been dreaming a lot about you. Its like an everynight thing. Its not fair! I think I’m crazy or something. I mean.. If I still love you after soooo damnn long then I must be crazy!

    We haven’t talked for like 4 months. Its the longest I’ve gone without you…. Its like I’m addicted to your presence. I don’t know why though… You don’t make me feel wanted anymore. You don’t look for me or ask about me.

    Steve I love you. Unfortunately. Its true.even my momma said that it might be true love. I’m tired of this true love shit. Its so painful. N you don’t return it… What the heck? Well… Steve… I think this letter has come to an end. I love you. With every molecule in my body. I’m pathetic I know but know, that I’m always gonna be here for you. Imma always be a friend to you, even if it hurts to know that if we ever have another relationship it’ll be a friendship.

    Steve. I love you!!!

    Love always LMEC091508

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