• hahaha bitch what would you do?

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    Ha You are Such A Pathetic Bitch!!! I mean really I know your an attetion whore with self esstem issues and you wish you were a bad ass, thats why you walked around with a fake lip ring for weeks. Stupid bitch I pity you. You have slide down more poles than a fire man. I mean I know you were kinda looking for a boyfriend but, what were you doing? Trying to test and see if his penis fit perfectly in your vag? skank! Guys like that you give them attention, but then behind your back they tell your friends they dont know how we deal with your sluuty ass. OH and by the by a guy dosent want you if you have slept with 4 of his frat brothers and they also dont want you if you sleep with their best friends to make them jealous. You are a whore and you act like you love it. Who wants that reputation. But its whatev worse is that you are a shitty fucking friend um yeah thats the main reason I feel sorry for you. Because you may be good at makeing friends but keeping them… well lets just say you could use some
    work. THE REAL REASON I’m pissed though is because of the rumors. Their trivial yes but they piss me off. Bitch you have no idea who you are fuking with let me have another confrontation with your ass and I will fuck a bitch up. Too much shit has gone down for me to do anything but ignore your presence when in a crouded room. Your shit is soo weak. I mean how pathetic, you cant tell people the real reason you were kicked out you have to lie and tell people you punched me really? Thats so sad and pathetic and that is why I pity you. Ha so yeah keep that act up bitch go on ahead I know the real you, that you try soo hard to surpress. I know your secrets bitch and I am a very vengful little girl so keep fucking with the best cause I only showed you my sweet side you haven’t seen why people call me a cold hearted bitch. Watch your back!

    p.s. a few notes of things i know you would hate others to know and some wisdom. close your legs once in a while cause a dirty whore shouldn’t call others dirty whores when they have an open for bussiness sign permanately hung outside their vag, dont be proud when you give a guy, with a girlfriend, a bj and crawl up stairs to his best friends room thats so dirty eww slut, and I know you wouldn’t want me to tell your new best friend the shit you said about her last semester or her little nick name “baby prostitute” ring a bell, hahaha hmmm good times. 🙂
    good day darling
    *I lick the gun when I’m done, cause I know revenge is sweet*

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