• Guilty Pleasures

    by  • April 23, 2010 • Yearning, Yearning for You • 0 Comments

    As he begins to stroke his hands along the edges of my shorts slowly running his fingers up to tease me; he finds how wet I am already just thinking about making love to him. He continues on his quest with his hands while I stroke him with an urgency so great. I want to be on him, I want to feel our bodies as one. I roll over to face him but keep my eyes closed; it feels too good to open them. I find myself preparing to have passionate sex with my husband. As I straddle him and come down onto him merging our bodies into one; I find myself so turned on to feel him inside of me. All of my senses are at an all time high, the feel of him inside of me, the feel of his kisses, the way he touches me. I want to please him; I want to show him how good he feels to me right now. I make love to him with more passion than I can ever remember before. It’s like the fire is back, it’s no longer a small diminishing flame, and it’s burning brighter than it has in a long time. I try to focus on him, how good I’m making him feel by the sounds that he is making and the way his body is responding. There is no greater pleasure than pleasing your lover. It makes me happy knowing that I feel as good to him as he does to me. When all is over and I lay spent in his arms, smiling I open my eyes to look into his; that’s when I’m overcome with the guilt; the guilt of making love to my husband in every physical aspect while making love to “him” in my mind. This is where it will remain; only in my mind.

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