• Acceptance – Please?

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    Ever since you were diagnosed with a brain tumor and had a successful surgery you have been different. Now don’t get me wrong, messing with the brain is a big deal and I knew that you would change but this is too much.

    I want my caring mother who always wanted to hold my hand, or give me
    hugs, and encouraged me every day. But instead I have a critical, selfish mother who reminds me every day how imperfect i really am.

    I know you just want to help and are worried about me, but your blunt comments about my looks are not appreciated. To be honest, you make me feel like complete shit. I fear that I will never look pretty enough or skinny enough for you and that scares me.

    I know I always told you I didn’t care what you thought but the truth is – I DO CARE. Your opinion means everything to me and it is tearing me apart.

    Why can’t you just love me for me?

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    1. Will
      June 23, 2010 at 9:26 pm

      You would feel so much better if you would LET yourself care less about what others think about you, and just accept yourself. Let go of self-judgement and give yourself some much-needed love. If others are critical, accept it. Their opinions belong to THEM. In reality they do not determine a single thing about you. That is your choice! Know that you ARE beautiful, just as you are. When those negative thoughts pop into your head, accept them and let them pass. Don’t judge yourself. Negative thinking builds up and it’s like digging yourself into a hole. Positive thinking also builds up and if you get into the habit your love will begin to radiate, from deep in your heart, out to the surface, and into the universe, connecting with love that emanates from other people, animals, plants, earth, rocks, clouds, stars, everything you can imagine. You are surrounded by love 24/7!!!

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