• Just thinking.

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    Just thinking.

    I sent you an email telling you that shits not getting done. That I don’t have time to do tasks I am assigned. You read and acknowledged the email. And then didn’t do shit about it. Thx

    I work 8 hours a day (or more). When you see me momentarily doing something non-work related, consider that a break. Because I don’t consider that part of my 8 hours worked. You know you have other assistants doing less than 5 hours of work in a day. You know there are yet others who pad their hours and do very very little. Thx

    Then today you send me an email that proves three things:
    1) You are very scatter brained and not thinking clearly, because you can’t compose a grammatically correct sentence to save your life.
    2) You have the memory of a gold fish. You passive-aggressively point out things I’m not getting done after I’ve already told you those things aren’t done. Your forgetfulness works in your favor though…when later you need to pretend you came up with those ideas all on your own.
    3) This is the first day you’ve actually worked in a very long time. Usually you’re overwhelmingly consumed with minutia completely unrelated to the business at hand, but each item in your email is actually important!


    P.S. The time it took to write this letter is being considered billable hours.

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