• Secret Dreams

    by  • April 18, 2010 • Lost Love, Love - Pure and Simple, Yearning for You • 0 Comments

    I wake each morning smiling inside
    I go about my daily routine as usual
    No one can ever know the thoughts I’m thinking
    Wishing the dreams that make me smile were not just dreams
    I have a good life, a happy life, everything a woman could ask for
    Why do I desire what I don’t have, can’t have
    Knowing how much hurt my wishes and desires could cause
    Why do I think of you so often and wish I could come to you
    A man that probably doesn’t think of me, doesn’t long to be with
    me, doesn’t dream of a way for us to be together
    I want to explore things with you I don’t usually do, want you to
    teach me things that otherwise I may never learn, it’s not all
    physical needs, I want to know your mind, I want to have fun and laugh
    with you, I want to make you smile
    If only for a day we could be together again
    I have envisioned what a reunion would be like with you
    It has been nearly twenty years since I’ve last laid my eyes upon
    And yet I can’t make my mind let these visions go
    My heart won’t let me
    This is the most illogical thing that has ever crossed my mind
    Still I go on
    Day by day
    Living my happy life as usual
    While deep inside the secret grows and I must keep this forever it
    These dreams and visions won’t come true
    No matter how much I desire them to be part of my reality
    I know that they can’t come to be
    I will continue to hold onto hope that someday I will reunite with you
    and my dreams will finally come true
    All I ask is for one day, one night to show you the emotions you bring
    out in me:
    Hope, adventure, laughter, happiness, intrigue, passion, honesty,
    How can I justify these emotions I feel for you
    I don’t really know you anymore, haven’t heard your voice,
    haven’t seen your face, haven’t looked into your eyes, haven’t felt
    your embrace, haven’t heard you laugh or seen you smile except in my
    All I can go on are the feelings that my heart has developed from the
    written conversations that have transpired over the past few months
    and my memories of us from so long ago
    These facts I know are illogical and probably irrevocably insane on my
    part but this is my secret
    This is my secret, you are my secret friend, these are my secret
    dreams to keep as long as I desire safe inside me
    I go to sleep smiling inside, knowing the dreams will come to me as I
    sleep and I will wake up smiling to live my happy, normal life

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